Thursday, 1 August 2013

A preview and an oldie

First off is a snippet of something I've been working on recently.
Only have a 4 colour pallet limit (including white) and for the first time I am colouring in this style of work. It's a challenge as I have to further think in a three-dimensional way: it's one thing drawing it, but another colouring it to get it looking good.
It challenges me to learn about colour, what spectrum of colour stands out more than others and then applying this in a way to make parts of the image stand forward and the others further back.
My first go, simple blocky colours and even just this takes a whole day to do as I have a lot of lineart to work with.

Secondly I present an oldie.
Something I draw about a year and a half ago.
Done with a green biro pen then I slapped on some tacky photoshop gradient to make it more.. colourful?
All I can say is that I was in a very good mood whilst drawing this.

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